Zhi Deng
Associate Professor
Department of Engineering Physics
Reserarch and Teaching Interest
CMOS ASIC development for radiation detectors
Tsinghua University, China Ph.D. 2002.10-2005.7   Engineering Physics
Tokyo University, Japan M.E. 2000.4-2002.10   Quantum Engineering & System Science
Tsinghua University, China B.S 1995.9-1999.7 Engineering Physics
Positions and Employment
2010.1 - now    Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, China
2007.7 –2009.12 Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University, China
2005.8 – 2007.7 Post-doctor, Tsinghua University, China
Other Relevant Experiences and Professional Memberships
2002.8-2007.2 Visitor, University of Houston, USA
Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications (Last 5 Years)
1.    Z.Deng, K.Kang, et al., A low-noise CMOS charge sensitive preamplifier, Tsinghua Sci. Tech., 45(2005), 1643 (in Chinese).
2.    S M Chen, Z Deng , A proposal for detecting Supernova Relic Neutrino in Super Kamiokande. Nuclear Physics B – Proceedings Supplements vol.166 2007
3.    K A Lan, E Hungerford, Z Deng, A conceptual design of the readout system for the neutrino experiment at SNS. IEEE Tran. Nucl. Sci., vol.54, no.5, 2007, 1816-1823
4.    Z Deng, X Deng, et al., CASA: A readout ASIC for gas detectors with self-amplification. IEEE Nulc. Sci. Conference Record 2008
5.    A Multi-Channel Readout Electronics System for GEM and MICROMEGAS, JINST 4 P11018, 2009
Research Support (Last 3 Years)
Development of readout ASIC for advanced high density array detectors, NSFC (key program)
Research on performance of pixel HgI2 detectors, NSFC (general program)
Development of a readout ASIC for high density, high counting rate and high time resolution MRPC detectors, NSFC (general program)
Research on space X-ray polarimeter based on photo-electric effect, NSFC (Key program)
Development of multi-channel high speed ADC and digital filter module, non-federal
Development of real time imaging gas plate detector, non-federal
Courses Taught (Last 5 Years)
(Include course prefix, number, and title.)
Undergraduate course, 21, physical signal processing
Undergraduate course, 57, circuit design and experiments
Undergraduate course, 29, nuclear electronics
Recent Graduate Training Experience (Last 5 Years)
Currently co-supervise 2 Ph.D student (Jie Luo and Li He) and 1 M.S. student (Xuezhou Zhu) in CMOS ASIC development for radiation detectors